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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Residential day 3 Wednesday

Hi it's Harley again

Early wake up call for Mr Seymour today - someone needed him at 4.30 am and had to knock very hard on his door to wake him up. Everyone else waited until the 6.45 am call. Breakfast at 7.15 am today I had weetabix, soggy toast, mango and apricot yoghurt - others had sausages, hash browns and beans.

We had a break in between breakfast and first activity, time for showers, room inspection and playing outside.

No rain today, which is impressive.

Bush craft was amazing, we built fires, using flint and steel to light them and then had to keep feeding them to keep it going for 10 minutes. On to den building using logs, sticks and hay; big enough for all of us to get in (14) We named our den Hayden (get it!), sadly we had to knock him down but we did give him a minute's silence. Our teachers didn't think we could keep quiet for a minute but we managed it.

This took us all morning and other groups did aeroball, abseilling, obstacle course and laser storm.

Lunch was pizza and fruit. More activities in the afternoon. Nightline was really fun - we were blindfolded and had to go round an obstacle course keeping one hand on the shoulder of the person in front. Fencing was cool. We learned to be 'on guard', lunge and thrust using a foil. Don't worry we wore masks and bibs. Aeroball was very bouncy, (basketball on trampolines).

We took the Kingswood squirrel mascot around with us this afternoon - spot the best way to carry a squirrel in the photos.

Tea was a fab roast dinner and choc ices.

This evening was bottle rocket - one group named their rocket Sally, raised it as their own and when it hit the cloud it died so needed a funeral.

While writing the blog we can hear the others at the campfire.

Freddie has joined us as a blogger. He was emotional about Sally's demise but enjoyed the session. Fencing was great - he really enjoyed thrusting his foil in to his cousin (Alex) - he did survive. He loved the aero ball; it was fun bouncing up and down and trying to get the ball in the hoop. Team Tech was difficult - they had to build a low building with all the bricks. Tomorrow he is looking forward to buggy building and the nightline and apparently bush craft and the obstacle course are good fun. Disco tomorrow!!!

Looking forward to getting to bed tonight.

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