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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Day 3 N-Residentail

Welcome to day 3 of our blog.

The suns shining (at last), we are going outside to play cricket,  football and anything else the group choose to play.  Everyone is happy and full of beans and looking forward to the fun packed day ahead clay modelling, scavenger hunt and collage making. 

Guest bloggers Emily Woods and William Limburn.

Today we have been doing a wide range of fun activities including: Scavenger hunts, football, cricket,  playing on the parachute, cheerleading, eating ice pops and making lots of items out of recycled boxes and bottles.

At the start of the day everyone charged outside to play some games such as football, cricket, bowls and parachute. Some of us played bowls and then later on played cricket, whilst some of us played an intense game of football (William and Joshua were team captains! Well, while most of us were burning our energy, Jack Halford was lying on the ground almost asleep lol.  After the intense game of football had finished, the cheering of the football results (and me giving him a little nudge) made Jack arise from his almost slumber and join in the exciting games most of us played on the parachute.
As well as all this we also made clay models and cups, we could make what ever we wanted  some people also said my cup looked like a well.

After a well deserved lunch break, every one was full of energy for the most amazing scavenger hunt. We all got into pairs  and collected our bags (William and Brooke Conneely were the first to collect their bags. After we had all collected our bags, we opened them to see what we had to find, for example: Something prickly, 10 of something, a 4 leaf clover - which me and Joshua  Limburn found easily. After about 50 minutes in the sun, we came in and everyone enjoyed an ice pop, then we realised that Josh was missing, so we had another scavenger hunt on our hands. But don't worry we found him eventually!

Tomorrow we are going to Made By Me for some fun painting. And tomorrow is Emily's birthday!

I am Spartacus!

Still alive Mr Seymour!

Hiding Matthew?

Proud of his masterpiece Josh!

Looking good Christianna

Thumbs up!

Ta Dah!

Master craft!

You are not suppose to eat it Julia!

Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters ... or Bailey and Kai

Zapp ...Pow


Anyone know how to get out of here?

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