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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day 4 N-residential

Pottery Lounge
Guest bloggers Emily Woods and Teigan Reed

Today we have been to Made By Me to paint different types of little animals. Then we came back to
 school and went out to play, but unfortunately it started to rain so we came inside on the computers, draw and do cheerleading routines.

When we first arrived at school we gathered in 6DS classroom and started doing some colouring before Mr Martin came in and started yapping on (as per usual). Whilst Mr Martin was talking, Mrs Butterworth, Mrs Manville and Miss Gedge were handing out yellow high Vis jackets. Once everyone had their jackets on we all made our way into the corridor to collect our coats and go to the toilet. When everyone had gone back to the class we did a head count then set off on our journey to Made By Me. Once we got to the Pottery Lounge we sat down on tables of 4 and went up, a table at a time, to choose a little animal to paint. We all tried really hard to produce the best work we could do. Every one said we did a really good job. It was very messy! As we got our master pieces finished we all made an orderly exit, and headed back to school.

After we returned back to school we charged outside for some fresh air and released some energy. We were having loads of fun until, it started to rain ):. As a result we had to go inside and find things to entertain ourselves with. Luckily, we were allowed on the computers (I found a new mathletics) but that's besides the point. Who ever wasn't on the computer was either: doing cheerleading, drawing, playing with the parachute or doing arts and crafts (Amie wins again)!

We had a delightful time at Made By Me and we can't wait for tomorrow when Mrs Green (Brooke Greens mum) will be helping us make our delicious meals. Lucky Miss Gedge gets to bake chocolate chip cookies and cheese straws, lets hope she doesn't eat them all! We will also be making wraps and pizza with Mrs Butterworth and Mrs Manville. We can't wait for the other year sixes to come back, oh we've missed that headache. Hope the other year 6's had a nice time see you tomorrow!!   

Super Heros!!!

And their are off!
The chuckle brothers

Looking good and so professional

Birthday girl Emily, Happy birthday to you squash tomato and stew.

Who made that smell?

Somebody feed me please!

Go away cant you see I'm busy?

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Birthday girl again!

Focus Ruby!

Matthew trying not to laugh at Mr Martins terrible jokes!


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