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Monday, 5 June 2017

Monday - Residential Day One

All started well when we arrived at school - everyone was on time and only one lunch forgotten. The coaches turned up and we were off on our adventure, praying for the weather to hold!

The ferry was full - coach one was on first and coach 2 were wondering if they would fit! Eventually room was made for us and we set sail as we were climbing up the stairs to the lounges.

we arrived just as the rain started, but this wasn't going to put us off! We found our rooms, dumped our bags and went for a walk round the site. That's when we found out who had not got a raincoat. Luckily some had two. Unpacking bags was next and fighting with pillow cases and duvet covers. Tea was great, pasta bolognese and ice-cream. Very wet activities this evening including problem solving, orienteering, obstacle course and laser storm. Not many photos as a bit damp. Miss Godbolds group were crowing as they were indoors. Just dressing up the teachers and staff ready for a catwalk during scrap challenge.

We are all looking forward to hot chocolate and bed tonight.

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