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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Day 2 n-residential Rock-Up and movie

Day 2.

Having had a blast on day one, the gang were up and ready for Rock up.  To start the girls practised some cheer leading.

Then off to Rock up for a morning of climbing and hanging loose!  Here are some of our pictures.

Mrs Butterworth and Miss Gedge getting ready.

Don't pull too tight Miss Gedge

Is it a bird, is it a plane? no its Mrs Butterworth

Aiming high Ruby!

Getting in the zone Brooke|

Strike a pose Emily!

Spider Gedge, spider Gedge!

Mrs Butterworth doing a Bridget Jones!

Teigan trying to not look scared!

Sam with a green thing growing out of his head !

Mr Martin showing off as usual!

Hi William

Hang on...don't let go Brooke!

Moves like Jagger!

symmetrical climbing 

Symmetrical falling off

Mrs Manvilles new job as health and safety officer

Mr Martin is stuck by the looks of it!

Showing off again!

The eagle has landed!

How high?

Hang on, I'm on my way!

Help.... I need unhooking!

Don't worry I have it all under control.

Just having a think about this one!

Mrs Butterworth doesn't think its very funny! 

If he's not climbing he's clipping !

Piece of cake!

Hang on you can have a go in a minute Kai

Peek a boo, I can see you!

How do I get down?

Mission accomplished!

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