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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday (Day 3)

7.30 am and all was quiet (except for the boys in Mr. Lloyd's block as he thought the wakeup call was at 7.10!). We must truly have been tired out from the previous day's events! The teachers had to help get us moving by giving us a wakeup call and by 8.10am we were ready for our breakfast. 
This morning saw the added bonus of bacon and beans to our cooked breakfast. Many of us piled our plates high, knowing that we would need lots of energy, ready for the day ahead. Some of us also needed a cup tea to get us going this morning and once the secret of where the urn was located was out, there no was stopping us getting our caffeine fix for the day!
Ready and raring to go, some of us headed to snorkelling whilst others went to complete the sensory trail. To say we got muddy was an understatement and below are just a few of the pictures to come from today! The teachers also got their revenge by pouring buckets of mud over us. How unfair! Don't worry; we got them back by giving them mud hugs! 
Currently, more of us are having a go at snorkelling and others are enjoying the indoor soft play area.
More photos and events to follow this afternoon. When's lunch time?

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