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Friday, 22 May 2015

Final Day

Friday - final day

We were rudely woken up by the teachers banging on our doors at 7am, just when we could have done with a lie-in! We had to finish packing and strip our beds before breakfast - would we do it? 
In record time, we were packed and out of our chalets by 7.45am ready for breakfast. We felt we had earned it already! We feasted on bacon, beans, scrambled egg and hash browns, along with the usual helpings of cereal, yoghurt and toast.

After breakfast we hurried along to our final activity of the week. Three groups tackled the climbing wall, three groups went off to archery, which left one group to master kayaking and get wet on the final day. 

Exhausted, we ate our packed lunch and waited for the coaches to arrive. We had a great week and can't wait to tell our families all about our adventures - just after we've had a hot bath and a long sleep!

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