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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

DAY 2 - Tuesday

Well most of us seemed to sleep well last night - a little bit of boisterous activity in one of the boys' rooms woke Mr Lloyd at about 1.30am. I'm sure that won't happen tonight after he made sure they were up nice and early for breakfast! Talking of breakfast, we enjoyed, fruit, yoghurt, cereal and scrambled eggs, sausages and waffles. All followed by toast. We were ready for anything! 

Just as well because we followed that with raft building and buggy building - both needing us to practise our knotting skills. The bravest of us then launched our rafts in the outdoor 'heated' pool. With the wind whipping across the site, we didn't stay in long!

After a short break, some of us tried our hands at circus skills whilst others attempted orienteering. All of this strenuous activity meant lunch was a welcome sight. We recovered our strength with choices of fish and chips, hot dogs, chicken pasta and, of course, strawberry ice cream. Now we were ready for what the afternoon brought us.

Despite the odd heavy shower we mastered iniative exercises and more buggy building. A change to the itinerary for some groups who couldn't face the outdoor pool again in 'Wet and Whacky' meant we could be found enjoying the delights of the indoor soft play area. Others are trying their skills at archery, whilst the ones who did not attempt raft building this morning are having a go this afternoon.

After dinner, we look forward to finding out what Cluedo is all about!

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