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Monday, 10 March 2014

Here are our apology letters based on Despicable Me 2! This is Scarlett's and Georgia's letter:

To my amazingly, awesome, wonderful Daddy, Gru,

I am really; really so very sorry! Something happened at school today that I have to tell you about.

Will you be mad at me, if I say that I brought my unicorn to school, as I couldn’t part with her for more than six hours? My horrible new teacher, Mrs Humdrum, spotted me during English cuddling my super fluffy unicorn. After that, she took her away from me, and locked it up in her toy cupboard. After school, that horrible teacher called me back into class. Now I have to go to detention for a whole WEEK!

But it’s not my fault! Margo didn’t realise that I had brought Marshmallow into school, but neither did I! Well, actually I did know, as Edith dared me to take her to school. If I was successful, she would give me $10, which would pay for a bother for Marshmallow. I could not miss out on an opportunity like this. Could I?

This is partly your fault, as you were the one who won it for me in the first place! I’ll be a really good girl if you understand me. Once again, I’m really, really sorry. If you love me you’ll give me a big hug after.

Lots and lots of love hugs and kisses,

From your favourite daughter Agnes


P.S     Can you get one of your gadgets and blow up Mrs Humdrum and rescue Marshmallow and my class.



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