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Monday, 3 February 2014

Maths   V   Bieber

On Thursday the 16th January, Justin Bieber, who is an international pop star, visited lee on the Solent junior school half way through their exciting maths lesson (weighing chocolate).

Quietly, all the children were listening to their maths teacher, when Mr Lloyd (school’s office manager) walked in with a mysterious man. Wearing a red Hollister tracksuit bottoms, a blue jack wills jumper, and an aluminous orange hat and a pair of pure gold sunglasses, he slowly took off his sunglasses and hat. Then he started to ‘try’ to sing! Children down in year 3 heard one class of year six moaning and groaning apart from one girl called Ellie who was dancing to his singing. Teachers rushed to the classroom to see who was screaming then slowly backed away because they realised it was Justin Beiber. One pupil called Ellie spoke of her excitement this was her reply: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It was amazing he kissed me on the cheek then I fainted!

However, not all children liked him as much as Ellie. A group of children picked him up and marched him down the high-street, and threw him into the ocean.

That was the last Lee Junior School saw of Justin Bieber, until they saw him on the news illegally drag racing when he was drunk and taking drugs!!

Just to tell you unfortunately it was not real. However the last paragraph was!


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