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Monday, 10 March 2014

Here are our apology letters based on Despicable Me 2! This is Abigail's and Shaina's letter:

Dear my wonderful Daddy,
I just want to tell you that I’m really sorry about something. Don’t put me in the naughty box with the spikes!
There has been a terrible accident. Dave said that he would help me with my spellings and me and fluffy the unicorn accidentally “minion” slaughtered Dave. Honestly, It was just an accident Daddy! I pinky promise that Dave will be ok...maybe?
Hopefully you are not mad at me? It was all Edith’s fault. She told me that it was awesome, but I thought it was very very naughty! Please don’t tell me off! I didn’t mean to do it, honestly.
I am so so sorry. I promise it won’t happen again. Ever! Edith is so much more evil than me Daddy,I would never try to be naughty! I hope you forgive me for what I have done because I am not usually this bad.
I love you lots           Agnus

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