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Monday, 3 February 2014

Super Steven Spielberg Spots Super Stars


Last Friday, at Lee- On- The- Solent Junior School, Steven Spielberg chose 6HM’s school play to be made into a film at Hollywood.

Year Six without knowing that Steven Spielberg was in the back of the music room, were doing their Celebration Assembly. However, one of them knew that he was there. That one child who knew was called Andrew as, Steven Spielberg was his uncle. He told Year 6 exclusively that Andrew had told him that it was an amazing play and that he should defiantly come over to England to see it, so he did.

The assembly started and the first scene came up to the stage. 6HM did not see him as he was in the alcove at the back of the music room. 6HM had finished their last scene, when Steven Spielberg jumped out of the crowd of parents and shouted “I love it! It’s amazing!” One parent informed us, “We all had no clue that a world famous director was in the alcove, in the same room as us.”

At present contracts are still under review. Hopefully 6HM will make it to HollyWood!!! Also, we hope that other directors will spot 6HM’s talent.


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