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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuesday at Kingswood

We all slept well and were refreshed for the day ahead. Some of us took a little longer to go to sleep than others, but on the whole, we let our teachers have a good night's rest. One room of boys had to be woken up at 7am but the rest of us were up and ready for breakfast.

Breakfast was cereal, yoghurt, fruit, toast, bacon, beans and hash browns. Then two groups went and donned wet suits and headed to the beach to build and sail our rafts all morning. This was great fun and we did have a paddle in the sea. Others tackled problem solving challenges, low ropes and fencing. Whilst some of us tackled the balance beam!

What a morning of fun! After a hearty lunch of chicken in a creamy sauce and potato wedges or pasta bolognaise we then headed to the obstacle course, fencing, nightline and orienteering. Then some of us were let loose on quad bikes or abseiling.

Dinner was a choice of cottage pie or chicken quesidillas. Evening activities followed before a Trail of Mystery! Cocoa at 9pm before an earlier bedtime! I'm sure we'll sleep well again!

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