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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Marwell Photo Competition

Last week we visited Marwell  Zoo  in order to get some ideas on what animal we would choose to adopt with our parents kind donations.

We Had A LOT of pictures from our 8 cameras. There were some amazing ones and we’ve picked the best 3.


Ah a rhinos butt very um… interesting! We definitely didn’t choose it just because it was funny or anything, yeah Evan! By looking at it, you need to understand the artistic ability (one day we maybe professionals)!  



Awwww so cute! A fluffy Amur leopard taken from the rainforest to be protected from poachers. His bones used for medicine and his  fur used for coats. Why would people do this to him?  



Ah the meerkats! No way to describe them accept… awesome.

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