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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Busy week


In our previous art lessons we have been working on a square piece of card using string and match sticks (sounds interesting ) to make an epic pattern by painting the key features and then printing them onto a A4 sheet of paper. So far our patterns have been amazing and we hope our parents think so too when we show them all the work we’ve been doing over the last half term.


One of our school governors visited us to speak about global warming, not enough electricity, water, food, and the population increasing. Colin Manson told us about more cars wasting electricity when they are not being used and also mentioned the solutions for all of these increasing problems.


For the last couple of weeks in science we have been learning about vertebrates, invertebrates and how animals adapt to their habitats. Also we have been learning about 5 different animal groups:

·        REPTILES

·        FISH

·        BIRDS

·        MAMMALS

Finally, just to let you know there is more information on StudyWiz about the Civic Award,

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