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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day 4

Another successful day!

Some very bleary-eyed children this morning (not to mention some of the teachers who needed waking up!) Another fabulous breakfast was had with the addition of waffles-yummy!

After breakfast, we headed to raft building, wet and whacky, rocket launching, circus, dance and survival.
Lunch consisted of pizza and sausage and mash. During this time a clap of thunder was heard and the heavens opened. Luckily for us, Mrs Charlton arrived just in time with the sunny weather and we were able to go to our afternoon activities of kayaking, rocket launching, survival and dacne...sorry, I mean dance.

After such an eventful afternoon, we headed for a much needed dinner where we were given the red carpet treatment and were served by the waiters. We had a choice of roast beef and gravy, turkey burgers, risotto and chilli followed by a delicious choice of dessert: rice pudding and a jam blob, strawberry meringue, ice cream and fresh fruit. We said goodbye to Mrs Charlton and dashed back to our chalets to prepare ourselves for the disco.

Just before heading to the disco Mr Austin surprised us all by emerging from his room in a onesie, funky sunglasses and a green wig! This provided a perfect photo opportunity which will be coming soon!

We are now enjoying the disco and ready to perform the dances that we learnt earlier in our dance sessions.

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