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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New bloggers first post


In art we have learnt the artistic style called Surrealism. Using this we had a few bumps along the way but we survived, yay! In our art lesson we made collages using magazines and materials we brought in from home. Here are Callum and Luke’s!


This term we have been especially lucky to have a special teacher, a mandarin teacher, called Mrs Wang. We have been learning how Mandarin lessons go and how to say thank you and hello and a lot of other words.  Here are some words we have learnt:  ting = listen, ni hao = hello, xie xie = thank you.

Children in Need

On Friday 15th November we had a onesie day to raise money for the charity Children in Need. Lots of children came in wearing a onesie and pyjamas, even with mad hair, never mind how silly they looked!

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